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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First up!! Chicken Bundles

So I'm still working out all the kinks at figuring out how I'm going to choose the recipes from Pinterest each week.  I kinda want to do a kamikaze/roulette type thing, where I don't really get a choice about the outcome, because I think that will be more fun.  But as I am still figuring that out, this is one I had on my Recipes to-do board, so I thought I'd start here!  (PS. If you have any suggestions on coming up with a system, I'm all ears!!

The recipe came courtesy of this pin... which then takes you to this website for the actual recipe. 

I used some chicken I had already cooked and deboned, added the cream cheese like the recipe called for, some onion powder and garlic powder too.  I didn't have sesame seeds, and to be honest, I don't like them, so I didn't use that.  I did add some sharp shredded cheddar cheese to the top of the chicken mixture before I wrapped them, because I'm a rebel, and I like to add my own touch. Sue me. ;)

I also only had one can of cresent rolls, so I did half of them with pie shell dough.  I made some fried rice and corn to go with it.  The roomies seemed to approve and we all agreed that the cresent rolls were the best way to go.  The flakiness mixed with the buttery taste made the insides taste even more yummy.  I personally think I would have liked it better if there had been some vegetables mixed in too, but that's just me.  3 full bellies and empty plates later, I'd say that this recipe was a success!!

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  1. Sounds yummy! Trey would be a bit difficult though as he doesn't like anything 'cream'. haha. Maybe I could sneak it in on him? Can't wait for the next one!